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Kinemaster PC and Laptop Apps – KineMaster Pro APK is a video editing app designed to make it easier for Windows, Mac, and Android users.


Today many people use KineMaster to edit videos and upload them to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Usually, editors do video editing via PC. This is because the edited video is clearer and better than via a smartphone.
Even so, Kinemaster android is also worthy of being named the best video editing application for smartphones. But still, many also want to use this kinemaster application on a PC or a laptop.

Well, therefore, here we will share the Kinemaster application so that it can be installed on your PC and also your Laptop. Check out the reviews.

What is the Kinemaster PC App?

KineMaster is here as a solution for those of you who often edit videos using smartphones. Not only beginners, YouTubers, and celebrities also use this application to edit videos and upload them on social media.

The KineMaster application can also be used to edit images, text, and even trim videos as desired. To improve video quality, you can choose from the available options, such as setting the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels with various filter effects.

In addition, KineMaster Pro also provides an interesting experience in the video editing process through its performance. If you want to download this video editing application, you can choose two versions, namely free and pro.

If you choose the free version, there will be a watermark on the final edited video.

If you don’t want the watermark, you can download the pro version. So, the results of the videos that you make look clearer.

Download the KineMaster App for PC / Laptop

For those of you who want to use the KineMaster application on PCs and Laptops, you can install it with the help of an Android emulator.

You can use the BlueStacks emulator, NOX App Player, or any other emulator that you like.

But you must first have the APK file of the KineMaster application. So, please download the KineMaster MOD Apk application which we share below:

Please choose one of the KineMaster Mod APK files above. And to install it on a PC, you need an Android emulator.

How to Install the KineMaster Application on PCs and Laptops

As we explained above, to be able to install the KineMaster application without a watermark on PCs and Laptops, you must first download and install the Android emulator application. And for the steps to install it, follow the tutorial below:

  • First, please download and install the BlueStacks emulator or NOX Player.
  • Right-click on one of your Kinemaster.apk files (Android OS installer file)
  • Then select the Open option
  • After that, a new window appears where you select an application to open it, Select the program from the list – click OK.
  • In the new window click Browse.
  • Then select the folder where your Bluestack application is installed, Then click Open.
  • Now, the KineMaster application has been successfully installed on your PC and Laptop.

Easy steps to use KineMaster on PC and Laptop

Kinemaster PC

If the KineMaster application is installed on the emulator device on your PC and Laptop, how to use the KineMaster application on a PC is the same as on Android.

if you don’t know how to use kinemaster, then all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Insert a previously recorded video or select the Export Video option. This process can take a few minutes to 100 percent.
  • Play videos that have been loaded into KineMaster by clicking the arrow buttons.
  • When specifying the part of the video that you want to cut, then point the line at the beginning and end of the video to be cut. Then, click Image.
  • After the video is cut, play it again to see the result. If the trimming of the video is not appropriate, all you have to do is click Cancel and repeat the previous steps.
  • If you want to add something to the video, then you can select the Add Media menu. After that, just select the image you want to insert.
  • If you want to arrange the order of the media in the video, you can press the image or video that you want to move.
  • Then, simply drag the related image or video to the section you want.
  • Especially for audio editing, you can press the Microphone image icon. You can also set it according to your needs.
  • Audio editing that you can do is smooth the sound, change the audio volume, and change the audio type.
  • If you want to change the video or slide to be more interesting, then just adjust it in the transition options section.
  • If you want to add subtitles, click the icon that says T on the smartphone screen. Later there will be various font choices provided by KineMaster.
  • When the video editing process is complete, you just need to click Export.
  • Select the video quality you want. After that KineMaster will create videos without a watermark which is quite annoying.
  • If you want to share a video, then you can click on the Reverse V image icon. Then, you just have to share it on social media.

The final word

That’s a review on how to install and use the KineMaster Application on PCs and Laptops that you can follow the steps above. Good luck and hopefully useful.